Thursday, October 9, 2014

Spotlight on Cadence Pop-up Gallery

435 N. Andrews Ave, No. 2

Cadence will be hosting the opening reception of Urban Swamp with work from Ashley Nardone, during Art Fallout festivities.

Urban Swamp is a Florida native’s reflection of her romance with South Florida’s tropical canopy and it’s unique wetlands, communicated through a mixed media installation forming an environment that reveals the undeniable splendor of the native landscape.

Each work is a fusion of organic and man-made, exploring the coexistence of established plant life and urban development.

About the Artist:
Ashley Nardone is a South Florida based visual artist who graduated from Florida Atlantic University with degrees in photography and graphic design. She has worked building store displays for companies such as Anthropologie. She now creates full-time for her creative endeavor Seldom Seamed crafting installation art, custom home furnishings and photo/video media. Her photography is often an inspiration for concept and craft, and is a basis for her meticulous and methodical installations. Ashley finds creativity through adventure with her husband and she has themed her life around design and building. She lives and works in Lake Worth, FL.

The Cadence Pop-up Gallery exists to highlight progressive and contemporary art and design as it relates to the living environments we encounter as humans. This by-day office space is transformed into a gallery space showcasing exhibits that will directly connect the gallery and community in an engaging conversation. The gallery seeks to showcase emerging artists, designers and creators in a contemporary setting.

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