Friday, September 26, 2014

Spotlight on Made in Broward @ The Cottage

500 NE 1st Avenue
Made in Broward will be participating for the first time this Art Fallout in their The Drawing Room, a contemporary exhibition of works on paper with the subject The Nature of Our World, Re-Examined and a collaborative audience drawing. 

Made in Broward provides a hands-on learning environment at The Cottage, where young people can experience the joy and profit in work, become considerate, industrious and thrifty, and prepare themselves to take their rightful places in the world. 

herbs・vegetables・preserves・baked goods・sewn itemsknitting・crochet・woodworking・fine art・crafts・more    

More details at 

Limited parking available on-site, street parking available on Andrews Avenue and surrounding neighborhood.

Open Call to Artists
  • Drawings (any medium) on unframed paper or unstretched canvas, maximum size of 24 inches. (no minimum size) 
  • Your interpretation of “The Nature of Our World, Revisited”  
  • 1-3 works (At least one work per artist will be installed, others as space permits) •  We will install works with foam hangers or pins.  
  • The intake will take place at the Cottage, 500 NE 1st Avenue, Friday October 10th, 4-6 pm and Saturday October 11th, 10-1 pm.  
  • No commission will be charged, with the exception of any bank credit card fees.
  • Questions direct to Leann at 

Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers wanted to  assist with installation and de-installation, prepare food, and help on the evening.Contact Leeann at

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

1310 Gallery Brings You: Naughty by Nature

 'Naughty by Nature' is in collaboration with Bedlem Lorenz Assembly at 1310 Gallery exhibit during Fort Lauderdale’s 2014 Art Fallout event. This exhibition features an array of South Floridian artists’ explorations, interpretations, and visual explanations of perhaps the single characteristic connecting one earthly being to another; body. Both physical and mental, become an essential component to modern and contemporary art in a connective, interactive setting. Upon individual discovery, open your realm of comfort to the interpretation of not only your own, but of those surrounding you while simultaneously uncovering the naked truth.

This exhibit will showcase ten emerging artists' work, displayed throughout 1310's three-story gallery.   

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Instagram |@blassembly