Friday, October 16, 2015

Spotlight on Girls' Club

117 NE 2 Street 

Girls’ Club presents the annual open-call exhibition Unframed, an exhibition of works on paper with a special public feedback element by way of color-coded sticky notes. As a private collection and alternative exhibition space, this is a rare opportunity for artist to submit and exhibit with this unique institution.

South Florida artists of all levels, genders, and backgrounds are invited to submit artworks for a one-day, open-call visual art exhibition of unframed works on paper. Artists are encouraged to submit new, experimental or in-progress works to take advantage of the unique feedback element provided.

The public, and a panel of informal judges - curators, collectors, gallery owners, art writers, professors, museum professional - will leave public comments on the wall near artworks through a color coded Sticky Note system.

Purple: Judges
Blue: Fellow Artists
Yellow: General Public
Pink: Kids

Breaking down perceived barriers between audience and artist, Art Fallout, Unframed encourages an expanded and inclusive dialogue about contemporary art and our local art scene.

Submission form and information at Deadline, Friday, Oct 16, 5pm.

In the mezzanine, Girls' Club is also hosting a super sale of past exhibition catalogs as well as limited edition copies from its Artists in Action Series. All previous catalog $20. All limited edition artist multiples, $20 off.

Girls’ Club is a private, non profit organization that produces exhibitions, educational programming, web projects, publications and events that change lives, nurture local artists, and inspire cultural growth in South Florida. Artist talks, exhibition, panels, film screenings, workshops and outreach programs are developed and presented year round. More info at

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Also at Girls' Club

Francie Bishop Goods Studio
Adjacent to Girls’ Club, the studio of Francie Bishop Good will open to the public from 5-9pm showcasing new work from the accomplished Fort Lauderdale-based artist. For information about Francie Bishop Good visit:

Ms. Cheezious and Gramps Bar
Local favorite and nationally recognized food truck Ms. Cheezious will be serving hot bites and grilled cheese sandwiches with options for vegans, vegetarians and the hungriest of carnivores.

Mini Gramps, a nomadic pop-up bar by Gramps Bar in Wynwood will be on hand serving ice cold beer and cocktails for a suggested donation.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Spotlight on Mass Art District

Studio Henning Haupt Art Fallout 2014, photo by Monica McGivern.
NE 4 Ave, between 8-9 Street

Mass District is a district of creatives and businesses with a vested interest in the community and economic development of Ft. Lauderdale through the arts.

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at Dekkagon, 407 NE 8th St

Dekkagon welcomes you to their Art Fallout Open House, where you can tour our art studios and gallery/boutique spaces. We are 20 + artists, music/video producers, photographers, and fashion/jewelry designer under one contemporary and eclectic roof. We also have a covered outdoor patio with stage where we host DJ's and live performances, as well as food and merchandise vendors.

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at Studio Henning Haupt, 823 NE 4 Ave

Studio Henning Haupt presents, the power of painting III, a large participatory painting developed in collaboration with the public. Everybody is invited to orchestrate the result by assigning actions to the painter. The painter and public will share the authorship for this painting. Henning Haupt is a painter and educator. His work explores spatial qualities within drawings, paintings and 3-Dimensional installations in a close relation to color, materials and application.

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at MAC Fine Art, 833 NE 4th Ave

MAC Fine Art is joining Art Fallout for the second time this year presenting the exhibition, Second Chances. The curator, Rochi Llaneza, is interested in the transformation that comes through 'Second Chances' in life and objects. Artists in the exhibition include, Angie Gomez Duran, Claudio Roncoli, Cole Miller, Luna Goldberg, Elena Bond, Jacqueline Berkley, Jacek Kolasinski, Alex Nuñez, Consuelo Castañeda, Rosario Verdecia and Gudrun Newman.

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at The Great Project, 820 NE 4th Ave

#ColorUs - Join Us, 5-10pm!  The GREAT Project is participating w/ MASS District during Art Fallout 2015! Visit our space on your trolley tour to interact with us as we will have a large canvas hung for all to color on! Light refreshments provided. Artwork from local artists on display.

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at The Art Bloc, 807 NE 4th Ave  Studio B 

Color Mix: a dyad exhibit of Pigment and Concepts, open 5-11pm  

Conture Clue: An interactive series mixing Symbolism, P&D, &  Conture (hard lined renderings). Each piece in the  collection hides a word or title within the artwork.  With the help of a clue, this playful series creates  an interactive experience for the curious observer in  the midst of a ""word serach"" all the while exposed  to striking images, patterns and design

Pixel Perfect: Invoking a passion for piecing together intricate works of glass mosaics, this series of paintings brings forth a technique that mimics the artistry on canvas by piecing together different shapes to form a modern take on mosaics!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Spotlight on FATVillage

NW 1 Ave Between 5-6 Avenue

FATVillage is made up of several independent artist studios, alternative venues, and businesses, located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, and acts as the hub for local creative businesses and artists. Designers, urban planners, filmmakers, photographers, printers, social media gurus, performers, graffiti artists and web developers reside in and around The Village.

The redeveloped warehouse district hosts one of Art Fallout's densest areas of activity.

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at The Projects Contemporary Art Space, 523 NW 1 Ave

Possessed, an interactive exhibition Curated by Lisa Rockford: The curatorial theme for Possessed is inspired by the rampant trend of “selfies” at art exhibitions. In this group installation art exhibit, the viewer is invited to become part of the artwork. Artists created striking, colorful, provocative, 3-dimensional artworks that will entice viewers to “Strike a pose” next to their work. Each installation will have an “X” where the viewer is to stand, a photo with a “suggested pose,” and specific #Hashtags to use when posting online.

Drinks available for purchase.

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#rockfordprojects #selfiepossessed

 at Studio 535 Fine Arts Collective, 535 NW 1st Ave

Open Studios: Studio 535 will participate this year by hosting open studios, which will feature interactive art activities.

Cheryl Brown Ceramic Studio: From 5-10pm, visitors activities will include jewelry-making with one-of-a-kind ceramic beads hand-crafted by ceramic artist, Cheryl Brown, and creating seasonal ornaments from clay.

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at Dona Haynes Studio, 109 NW 1st Ave, Suite C

Open Studio: Dona Haynes Studio will be open to the public during this year's Art Fallout.

Connect with Donna Hayes Studio
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at General Provision, 525 NW 1 Ave

Nuclear Insight: an exhibitions exploring interactive art with Mixed Media Installations curated by Kelcie McQuaid, Interactive Photobooth + Display by Ricardo Sevilla, Interactive ipad Animations by Christopher Ian Macfarlane, Collaborative Clay Demo by Alice Acedia + Gaby Pelatti, Live Illustration Demo + Display by Paul Caprio, Live Painting + Display by Sara Lurie, Video Installation by Miguel Bravo, Experimental Noise Performance By HumanFluidRot, Spooky Craft Dance Music by Symbols

Cocktails for Humanity to benefit Emerge Broward.

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at World and Eye Arts Center, 109 NW 5th St

THINGS THAT GO BUMP…   This exhibits is about fear. Fear has existed as part of our nature from first humans on into todays world. Fear can protect us from danger, be a  reaction to injustice, or a force that pits nations against each other. Fear spans global issues like climate change or can be the personal irrational fears we hold in dreams and dark corners. World and Eye celebrates artists that expose these fearful places as exploration, confrontation or hope.   Guests will also get to play with their own interactive mural of fears.

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at Mishu Art, 504 NW 1st Avenue

Avant Garde Art: mixed media avant garde artworks, open 6-9pm. FOod and drinks provided.

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at Bedlam Lorenz Assembly, 519 NW 1st Ave

Thanks in Advance: Thanks In Advance is an interactive fundraiser exhibition benefiting the newly independent Bedlam Lorenz Assembly (BLA) and the artist / curatorial collective’s upcoming large-scale exhibition at The Projects, FAT Village in December 2015.

Inspired by the cliché’ of retro telethons, sweepstakes prizes and pledge drives, Thanks In Advance will put your donations on a pedestal in an over-the-top exhibition celebrating you! The more you give the bigger the spectacle becomes! HELP BLA & DONATE NOW!

Donate now to personally shape the exhibition and fund BLA’s mission to bring South Florida new, cutting-edge art by the best local, national and global talent.
Drinks available via donation cash bar.

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at Samsara Art Gallery, 501 NW 1 Ave

Outsider Art exhibition

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at Francisco Sheuat Art Studio, 115 NW 5th Street

Open Studio - UpCycled Art: showing mixed media, POP, abstracts and metal work. Come and check the transformation of recycled aluminum cans into works of beauty. ""BLUE ME AWAY"" series will be on display. This collections keeps growing... A series of monochromatic work in shades of blue. This collection is soft, melancholic, mysterious and full of sensitivity.

Connect with Francisco Sheuat
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at Box Gallery, 521 NW 1st Avenue

Taking Measure of Chance and Outcomes, Flex 2: When presenting a group exhibition, the curatorial role is generally to encourage the question: why are these artworks together? This is not this kind of exhibition. Here, curator Meg Kaplan-Noach challenges her own role by utilizing the concept of curation-by-chance as an exhibition-organizing methodology. She actively works to remove a unifying theme, instead exploring the subtleties of serendipity. Artists: Leah Brown, Christian Feneck, Virginia Fifield, Bonney Goldstein, Henning Haupt, Donna Haynes and Peter Symons.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Spotlight on Laser Wolf

901 Progresso Drive #101

Laser Wolf is a place for beer lovers, owned and operated by native Floridians who love Fort Lauderdale and want to make it the best city it can be.

A first time Art Fallout venue, Laser Wolf will be presenting an interactive outdoor projection from Fort Lauderdale-based artist Samuel Lopez de Victoria.
Join the  pack on the inner lawn to test your fortune with Howler, an interactive video piece that utilizes chance to provide a satire on where wisdom is thought to be found.

Laser Wolf is a neighborhood bar, serving a wide selection of craft beer through 12 constantly rotating draft lines and a huge assortment of craft bottles and cans from their favorite brewers! Laser Wolf was voted one of Draft Magazines 2014 100 best Beer Bars in America. Their motto is "No Jerks, Yes Beer!"

21+ only

Find out more at

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Spotlight on Mockingbird Trail

Multiple locations

Info Center at Cadence:
435 N Andrews Avenue, No. 2

The Mockingbird Trail is South Florida's first urban art exploration-based project! Created by Cadence, with help from Girls' Club and the Flagler Village Community Garden, the Mockingbird Trail invites the community to get out and explore and will launch Phase 1 during Art Fallout 2015.

The search is on for the giant Mockingbird. Have you seen it? Elusive to the human eye, the only hints of its existence is the evidence left behind through the work of sculptor, Valeria Yamamoto, visible along the 2-mile trail. 

While hitting the Trail, stop by Cadence Pop-up Gallery for a behind-the-scenes exhibit of the progress of the past 18 months of production. Cadence Pop-up Gallery will be an official trolley stop on the evening’s gallery route for this art-filled event. 

Knowledgeable Mockingbird Trail volunteers will be at each sculpture site to assist in guiding those who explore the neighborhood through Mockingbird Trail. Make sure to pick up a printed Field Guide available at each trail stop and online for download at

Share your photos + your stories.
#talesfromthetrail #readytoroam

Follow Mockingbird Trail at
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The Mocking Bird Trail is a public art project funded by the Community Foundation of Browards's 2014 Art of Community: The Engagement Challenge Fund Grant. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Spotlight on Glavovic Studio

724 NE 3 Avenue

The Margi Glavovic Nothard Studio and Glavovic Studio presents Flow, a dynamic exhibition and installation during Art Fallout 2015.

Inspired by the shifts, movement and life in the New River of Broward County, Flow is a large-scale public art project that connects the river and the community to the new Broward County Courthouse, embracing the public access Breezeway below the parking structure and the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The New River uniquely runs from the Everglades to the Atlantic Ocean, entirely within Broward County, Florida. This vernacular feature, equal in width to the Breezeway FLOW occupies, provides inspiring tangible elements translated into textures and patterns applied to forms that modulate to accommodate seating, walkways and activated areas.

The project’s vitality travels the floor and wall surfaces creating a dynamic envelope inviting the public to experience FLOW. In addition to form and color, lighting activates the space as an integral part of the experience. Broad views making connections beyond the space, integrate the larger context of the Courthouse, the City and the Community. This project provides the community an urban hub in which everyone pauses, reconnects and re-exchanges with the environment and each other.

Founded in 1999, Glavovic Studio Inc. is an award-winning Architecture and Design Studio located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Glavovic Studio explores and produces contemporary architecture, art and urban design, focusing on exceptional creative processes and client oriented services that engage the environment and provide social value.

Margi Nothard is the Design Director of Glavovic Studio. Through drawings, photographs, large scale installations, architecture and urban design Margi prompts her audience to slow down and experience the place they are in and experiencing with each of her designs and visual art projects.

Local projects from Nothard and Glavovic Studio include the renovation design of Girls' Club, the NSU Bridge Stair / Art Plaza_Threshold at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, ArtsPark at Young Circle in Hollywood, Young at Art Museum/Broward County Library with AECOM in Davie and the recently completed affordable housing project Kennedy Homes on Broward Blvd between 9th and 11th Avenues.

Limited street parking available.

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Also at Glavovic Studio

Green Bites Food Truck

A very unique & innovative Deli and Catering Co. It's main goal is to provide tasty , healthy , natural food.  It's menu consist of all vegetarian and vegan options, prepared passionately to please anyone. You will surely enjoy to the last Green Bite!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spotlight on 1310 Gallery

1310 SW 2 Ct.

The 1310 Gallery is participating in this year's Art Fallout with The true heART SHOW, an exhibition of gallery artists and guest artists, in which part of the proceeds will go to the Humane Society of Broward County to help educate and aid responsible animal adoptions.

Bring your friendly pets with you for this cross-species event!

The 1310 Gallery at the Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts is a art community in downtown Fort Lauderdale that was created by Art Space ( Artspace’s mission is to create, foster, and preserve affordable space for artists and arts organizations. This 37 unit loft space houses both visual and performing artists. Sailboat Bend Artists Community has been open since April 2008.

The community’s various disciplined professional, mid-career and emerging talent includes: painters, photographers, writers, poets, sculptors, dancers, musicians, actors, and graphic designers.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spotlight on Cadence Pop-up Gallery

435 N Andrews Avenue, No. 2

Cadence Pop up Gallery will be launching the Mockingbird Trail during Art Fallout 2015, as South Florida first urban art exploration trail.

Be the first to experience The Tale of the Giant Mockingbird during the sixth annual Art Fallout.

Stop by the trailhead exhibit at Cadence Pop-up Gallery, a few words from the Trail’s design team and sculptor at 7:30pm.

Pick up your complimentary Trail Field Guide to lead the way and explore the two-mile trail route throughout Flagler Village and passed several Art Fallout venues.
Discover the clues and create your own story about the Neighborhood’s mythical bird with Phase One’s “evidence series” sculptures. Share your photos #talesfromthetrail
Visit with knowledgeable Trail Guides at each sculpture site and learn more about each sculpture and the future of the Trail

Share your photos + your stories. #talesfromthetrail #readytoroam

As founders of the project, Cadence Pop-up Gallery will become the main hub for information on the Mockingbird Trail and will exhibit the progress of the past 17 months of production. A printed version of the Trail Map will be available at select locations, on view as a mural in FATVillage, and online for download at

Cadence is a Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Planning firm that operates at the intersection of art and community. Their office is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale within the FATVillage Arts District. The Cadence Pop-up Gallery exists to highlight progressive and contemporary art and design as it relates to the living environments we encounter as humans. This by-day office space is transformed into a gallery space showcasing exhibits that will directly connect the gallery and community in an engaging conversation. The gallery seeks to showcase emerging artists, designers and creators in a contemporary setting.

For more information, please contact or visit

Free street parking available along Andrews Ave.

Learn more about the Mockingbird Trail at

Connect with Cadence at:
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