Thursday, October 15, 2015

Spotlight on Mass Art District

Studio Henning Haupt Art Fallout 2014, photo by Monica McGivern.
NE 4 Ave, between 8-9 Street

Mass District is a district of creatives and businesses with a vested interest in the community and economic development of Ft. Lauderdale through the arts.

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at Dekkagon, 407 NE 8th St

Dekkagon welcomes you to their Art Fallout Open House, where you can tour our art studios and gallery/boutique spaces. We are 20 + artists, music/video producers, photographers, and fashion/jewelry designer under one contemporary and eclectic roof. We also have a covered outdoor patio with stage where we host DJ's and live performances, as well as food and merchandise vendors.

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at Studio Henning Haupt, 823 NE 4 Ave

Studio Henning Haupt presents, the power of painting III, a large participatory painting developed in collaboration with the public. Everybody is invited to orchestrate the result by assigning actions to the painter. The painter and public will share the authorship for this painting. Henning Haupt is a painter and educator. His work explores spatial qualities within drawings, paintings and 3-Dimensional installations in a close relation to color, materials and application.

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at MAC Fine Art, 833 NE 4th Ave

MAC Fine Art is joining Art Fallout for the second time this year presenting the exhibition, Second Chances. The curator, Rochi Llaneza, is interested in the transformation that comes through 'Second Chances' in life and objects. Artists in the exhibition include, Angie Gomez Duran, Claudio Roncoli, Cole Miller, Luna Goldberg, Elena Bond, Jacqueline Berkley, Jacek Kolasinski, Alex Nuñez, Consuelo Castañeda, Rosario Verdecia and Gudrun Newman.

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at The Great Project, 820 NE 4th Ave

#ColorUs - Join Us, 5-10pm!  The GREAT Project is participating w/ MASS District during Art Fallout 2015! Visit our space on your trolley tour to interact with us as we will have a large canvas hung for all to color on! Light refreshments provided. Artwork from local artists on display.

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at The Art Bloc, 807 NE 4th Ave  Studio B 

Color Mix: a dyad exhibit of Pigment and Concepts, open 5-11pm  

Conture Clue: An interactive series mixing Symbolism, P&D, &  Conture (hard lined renderings). Each piece in the  collection hides a word or title within the artwork.  With the help of a clue, this playful series creates  an interactive experience for the curious observer in  the midst of a ""word serach"" all the while exposed  to striking images, patterns and design

Pixel Perfect: Invoking a passion for piecing together intricate works of glass mosaics, this series of paintings brings forth a technique that mimics the artistry on canvas by piecing together different shapes to form a modern take on mosaics!

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