Friday, October 16, 2015

Spotlight on Girls' Club

117 NE 2 Street 

Girls’ Club presents the annual open-call exhibition Unframed, an exhibition of works on paper with a special public feedback element by way of color-coded sticky notes. As a private collection and alternative exhibition space, this is a rare opportunity for artist to submit and exhibit with this unique institution.

South Florida artists of all levels, genders, and backgrounds are invited to submit artworks for a one-day, open-call visual art exhibition of unframed works on paper. Artists are encouraged to submit new, experimental or in-progress works to take advantage of the unique feedback element provided.

The public, and a panel of informal judges - curators, collectors, gallery owners, art writers, professors, museum professional - will leave public comments on the wall near artworks through a color coded Sticky Note system.

Purple: Judges
Blue: Fellow Artists
Yellow: General Public
Pink: Kids

Breaking down perceived barriers between audience and artist, Art Fallout, Unframed encourages an expanded and inclusive dialogue about contemporary art and our local art scene.

Submission form and information at Deadline, Friday, Oct 16, 5pm.

In the mezzanine, Girls' Club is also hosting a super sale of past exhibition catalogs as well as limited edition copies from its Artists in Action Series. All previous catalog $20. All limited edition artist multiples, $20 off.

Girls’ Club is a private, non profit organization that produces exhibitions, educational programming, web projects, publications and events that change lives, nurture local artists, and inspire cultural growth in South Florida. Artist talks, exhibition, panels, film screenings, workshops and outreach programs are developed and presented year round. More info at

Connect with Girls' Club
Facebook | @girlsclubfll
Twitter | @girlsclubfll
Instagram | @girlsclubfll
Vimeo | @girlsclubfll

Also at Girls' Club

Francie Bishop Goods Studio
Adjacent to Girls’ Club, the studio of Francie Bishop Good will open to the public from 5-9pm showcasing new work from the accomplished Fort Lauderdale-based artist. For information about Francie Bishop Good visit:

Ms. Cheezious and Gramps Bar
Local favorite and nationally recognized food truck Ms. Cheezious will be serving hot bites and grilled cheese sandwiches with options for vegans, vegetarians and the hungriest of carnivores.

Mini Gramps, a nomadic pop-up bar by Gramps Bar in Wynwood will be on hand serving ice cold beer and cocktails for a suggested donation.

Connect with Mini Gramps
Facebook | @grampsmiami
Twitter | @grampswynwood
Instagram | @grampswynwood

Connect with Ms. Cheezious Food Truck
Facebook | @msceezious
Twitter | @mscheezious
Instagram | @mscheezious


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