Friday, October 9, 2015

Spotlight on Mockingbird Trail

Multiple locations

Info Center at Cadence:
435 N Andrews Avenue, No. 2

The Mockingbird Trail is South Florida's first urban art exploration-based project! Created by Cadence, with help from Girls' Club and the Flagler Village Community Garden, the Mockingbird Trail invites the community to get out and explore and will launch Phase 1 during Art Fallout 2015.

The search is on for the giant Mockingbird. Have you seen it? Elusive to the human eye, the only hints of its existence is the evidence left behind through the work of sculptor, Valeria Yamamoto, visible along the 2-mile trail. 

While hitting the Trail, stop by Cadence Pop-up Gallery for a behind-the-scenes exhibit of the progress of the past 18 months of production. Cadence Pop-up Gallery will be an official trolley stop on the evening’s gallery route for this art-filled event. 

Knowledgeable Mockingbird Trail volunteers will be at each sculpture site to assist in guiding those who explore the neighborhood through Mockingbird Trail. Make sure to pick up a printed Field Guide available at each trail stop and online for download at

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The Mocking Bird Trail is a public art project funded by the Community Foundation of Browards's 2014 Art of Community: The Engagement Challenge Fund Grant. 

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