Monday, October 13, 2014

Spotlight on Bedlam Lorenz Assembly & 1310 Gallery

1310 SW 2 Court

Bedlam Lorenz Assembly and 1310 Gallery present Naughty by Nature: an array of South Floridian artists’ explorations, interpretations, and visual explanations of perhaps the single characteristic connecting us to one-another; the human body. Here, the corporeal and cerebral and the sexual and grotesque reveal themselves in sculptural and installation-based works with a distorted focus on flesh, tissue, organs and everything in between. Bear witness to individual discovery and open your realm of comfort to uncover the naked truth.
'Naughty by Nature' is curated by Zack Spechler + Tabatha Mudra and features work by Alejandra Aristizabal / Yael Azoulay / Adrienne Chadwick / Caroline Collette / Amanda Covach / Griselle Gaudnik / Jessie Laino / Ben Morey / Evie Metz / Samantha Nye / Lisa Rockford / Ali Spechler / Adrienne Tabet

Open Wine Bar + Sweets Station by All Wrapped Up.

Sponsored by The Bascombe Brokerage. 

Open Studios at Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts:

#102 Nzingah - Jewelry/Art/Raw Food - Fashion, Art & Food with a cultural twist.
#106 Christine Velez Stone - Painter
#205 Cynthia Nichols - Photography
#207 Niko Yulis - Ceramic Art
#209 Sonia Baez-Hernandez - Multi Disciplinary
#305 Sylvan Denis - Fine Art Photography
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Limited street parking available.

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