Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Call for Video Artist Proposals during Art Fallout 2015

Girls' Club is looking for proposals for outdoor video projections to be included in Art Fallout 2015 - a one night event celebrating contemporary art in downtown Fort Lauderdale on October 17, 2015.

A small group of artists will be selected by Girls' Club staff and guest co-curator Jen Clay and invited to join Art Fallout. Specific logistics and locations of projects TBD with the artists, but within the 1 mile Art Fallout radius.

Local artists are encouraged to send proposals directly to admin@girlsclubcollection.org with the subject line: Art Fallout Video Projection Proposal.

Proposals should include:

  • Artist(s) Name or Group Name
  • Artist Contact Phone and Email
  • Artist Residential Address
  • Project Summary: 
    • what is the project, 
    • why does it fit into Art Fallout, 
    • how big should projection be, 
    • what are the specific needs of the project (electrical outlet, lighting, etc), 
    • do you own equipment to project or will you need to borrow, 
    • what if any audio needed if at all, 
    • and any other pertinent details to help us understand your project intent
  • Link to Video (do not include videos in email attachments)
Please keep in mind Art Fallout's mission to be inclusive, interactive and a showcase of the tremendous growth of the local art scene here in Fort Lauderdale. The event is an all ages event, and welcomes interaction between artists, venues and the community.

Proposals due by August 31, 2015. 

Selected artists will be contacted directly via email or phone.

Direct questions to: admin@girlsclubcollection, phone calls to 954-828-9151.

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